Keeping Track of Software, Hardware and Casey

God view for Business Assets
Casey”the new hire” has risen from lowly intern to full-time Junior Architect in just a few short months.   The summer intern program is working well with your GSAPP connections – and these prodigious novices now command the most expensive workstations and software in the office.   This arrangement makes sense in the new workplace as fresh faces are more conversant in all the software interfaces. Come Tuesday after the holiday weekend though – Casey is going to become one unhappy camper.
It’s Tuesday morning and HR has yet to tell Casey that her seating has moved.  No one told IT either.  Her machine was also transferred to another Architect who now uses a fraction of the software installed – and our hero is left with a 4 year old computer that lacks the software needed.
Asset Management software like Salient could have shown you all the assets available and are becoming imperative for Architecture firms.  Companies can more easily see and forecast purchases and use of all hardware and software.  Benefits include:
  • HR, IT and end user time saved
  • Sends update request directly to IT
  • License Compliance and Audit Support
  • Connects to Helpdesk and Projects databases
  • End user on-ramping and termination policy
Now let’s use our time machine – and Salient
It’s a week until Labor day and HR logs into Salient to make the updates.  The map shows the available hardware, software and desks available.   HR changes the desks and receives and alert with all the changes – and there are conflicts.   The new hardware does not support all the software that is required.
  • Casey’s workstation is moved to the new desk
  • Request entered to replace workstation
  • Casey is put into ‘priority’ license for Revit 2016
  • IT receives approved change log and affects edits
  • No drama come Tuesday morning

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