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With a slip of the mouse – and entire project folder is deleted.  It only took a second.  What happened to the confirmation prompt?  Why is it so easy to delete things?  No matter – we’ll just call I.T. and it’ll be back in a few minutes…… I hope.
There’s a lot of technology that has made life and business a lot easier – but the humble backup continues to elude most business.  With hard drives being so inexpensive and the cloud taking over everything – backups seem simple enough, right.   Just select the files you want backed up and let the software do it’s thing.  Technically this should work – but let’s go over a few scenarios below shall we?
In the past 18 years of our business – Agile has never once gained a client that had a proper backup.   If files were deleted or the server crashed – the files would have been unrecoverable (or an data recovery firm charge of $15k).

The recent scenarios – all Architecture firms

  • 8 TB data set – Tape drives only – the data set covered only 2TB per disk and subsequent tapes were never inserted.
  • 3 TB data set – Crashplan used to sync to internet, no local backup.  The internet line was too slow which resulted in 40% backup over 16 months
  • 7TB data set – Datto system – A 5TB Datto system was purchased with a 1TB cloud sync.   The entire data set was never backed up over 2 years.
There are 2 things that any firm can do today that will give you piece of mind.
  • Small test –
    • Create a Microsoft Word Document – and put something on it like the date.  Drop it in your server folder and leave it overnight.
    • In the Morning – Delete the file.
    • The next day – Ask I.T. to recover it
  • Big Test –
    • On a Summer Friday – Ask I.T. to unplug the network cable to the main file server
    • How long will it take to get everyone whole again from backups or your Disaster Recovery

Firms can easily spend $10k per end user for hardware and software – yet a proper backup system is working all day and night and firms can’t see the real cost vs value of a backup system (good or bad) until scenarios are played out for them.

The most common mistake is not setting at least a quarterly recovery test.

The most common omission is that firms don’t understand the amount of time a recovery will take.

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