VR Demo Days

On May 8, 2017

VR Demo Days

VR Headset Demos

 Impress your Clients and delight your Project Managers (or vice versa).

Every new client receives an HTC Vive headset
– through September 2nd –
Including setup, training, and software (a $4,000 value).

Learn how to use virtual reality to give your customers a real life experience. Walk through a room before it’s built! Experience a space for better design and build. Works with Revit and Sketchup already – with zero render time.


How this benefits you?

  • Reduce 90% of cost by eliminating physical mockups
  • Showcase multiple designs
  • Clients experience designs before full-scale mockups
  • Minimize coordination issues
  • Integrates with your current software



Schedule a demo and walk-through
your Sketchup or Revit models right now.



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